Sitting is the preferred position for reading and computer work, but sitting motionless is unhealthy.  Our body is designed for motion, and we need movement throughout the day to support a healthy metabolism and a strong, supple back.  But what kind of movement?

Posture's most important motion

The human body has one primary strategy for movement: walking.  This means that the supporting muscles and structures of the spine are highly adapted to the constant alternation of force from side to side, and research has identified this motion as the key to back health.  Sitting motionless fatigues your back muscles, leading to slumped sitting postures and a stressed lower back.  The Core-flex seat allows just enough movement to tilt the pelvis and stimulate muscles of the legs and core.  The results are greater comfort, an active core, better posture, and more calories burned, for every minute that you're sitting.

Pain-free sitting

We invite you to join the thousands of customers who are enjoying pain-free sitting and the benefits of a more active their desks!

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The Most Natural Human Motion

In order to find the right motion for healthy sitting, we started with the basics: how does the human body normally move? Walking is our most common motion, and the large muscles of the upper legs and pelvis are designed for this constant motion. They weren't meant to be sitting pads.

The alternating movement of the legs, the basis of human movement, is demonstrated by newborns and even in the womb indicating that we are hardwired for this particular motion. That's why the Core-flex chair allows the balanced alternating movement of the legs, while keeping the upper body stable.

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Faster Injury Recovery

"The consensus from my staff and patients has been, 'I can sit longer at work with no pain,' and 'my results have improved since I got the Core-flex chair.'"

"Work related duties such as sitting all day can and will erase the positive benefits the patients are working so hard to change. However, I've found that the patients who've acquired the Core-flex chairs, in conjunction with their rehab exercises, have seen faster results with their road to recovery."

"We empower our patients through education and training to strengthen their spines with home and in office exercises in order to make a positive change in their body."

- Dr. Jeff Bartlett

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