Core-flex: Active Sitting, Healthy Back

Transforming sitting into healthy activity

Core-flex Seating Technologies has designed a chair that offers you the benefits of movement all day long, with no distraction from your computer work.  By introducing natural, therapeutic motion into the act of sitting, the Core-flex chair keeps your blood flowing, your back strong and your body healthy.

Designed in consultation with one of the busiest Spinal Health Centers in Canada, the Core-flex chair is unlike any office chair you have ever tried. Its patented Dual-flex seat allows natural, balanced movement for your legs, pelvis, and core, and the results are astounding. From the first moment you sit down, you will understand how restrictive normal office chairs are, and why your body craves frequent movement.

Dynamic Sitting and the Core-flex Office Chair

Core-flex Split Seat Features:
  • Encourages the natural alternating movement of the legs
  • Provides small motions that increase blood flow and stimulate metabolism

  • Reduces discomfort under legs and buttocks by constant alternation of pressure from side to side
  • Gently rocks the pelvis like walking, strengthening the spine and nourishing the discs

  • Allows full range of motion while reaching forward and sideways

  • Prevents swelling and cramping in the lower legs

  • Activates leg and core muscles more effectively than sitting on an exercise ball

  • You get the stimulation and benefits of walking, without the jarring distraction

Pain-free Sitting 

We invite you to join the thousands of customers who are enjoying pain-free sitting and the benefits of a more active their desks! 

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