To whom it may concern;

In the Spring of 2010, we implemented the Core-flex chair into our office and also offered it to our patients to purchase.  Over the past four years, I’ve monitored and asked for feedback from my staff and participating patients.  The feedback to date has been nothing but positive.  In fact, if one of the Core-flex chairs goes missing or misplaced, our particular staff member will not sit on a standard chair until he/she finds the Core-flex chair to replace it.  The consensus from my staff and patients has been, “I can sit longer at work with no pain,” and “my results have improved since I got the Core-flex chair.”

As a busy practitioner, I do not have the time or ability to conduct a double-blinded study on the efficacy of the chair, but I can say with confidence that the Core-flex chair has helped my patients and staff tremendously.  We will continue to offer it in the future.  There are many reasons why this chair suits our office and treatment philosophy.  Here are just a few reasons:

  • The Core-flex chair has the capability to promote core engagement, which is critical to proper posture and helps limit the damage and stress on our bodies as we are forced to sit all day at work. 
  • The chair promotes proper lumbar lordosis, which is important to distribute the weight of our body and gravity to the discs and spinal joints appropriately.  
  • The chair encourages spine and lower extremity movement, which is unheard of in any other office chair that I have encountered.
We empower our patients through education and training to strengthen their spines with home and in office exercises in order to make a positive change in their body.  Unfortunately, work related duties such as sitting all day can and will erase the positive benefits the patients are working so hard to change.  However, I’ve found that the patients who’ve acquired the Core-flex chairs, in conjunction with their rehab exercises, have seen faster results with their road to recovery.

In good health,

Dr. Jeff Bartlett

BACKFIT Spinal Health & Fitness
“Be good to your back...it’s your biggest supporter”

I bought a Core-Flex chair from Lifeform because it was difficult to sit and work in front of my computer for several hours at a time, even with a highly ergonomic workstation and making a conscious effort to maintain good posture. I’ve been using the Core-Flex chair for seven months now, and there is a definite improvement because my legs, lower back and shoulders feel more relaxed and comfortable. The feeling of tingling and fatigue is greatly diminished. With improved circulation in my legs, I can sit comfortably for longer hours. I’m very pleased I discovered this chair. I would not want to be without it."

Benjamin Hartwick, California

As an administrative assistant, I’m sitting down for 90% of my ten hour work day. I would go home with aching hips and swollen legs. The Core-Flex chair has made a huge impact on how I feel at the end of my day. My hips don’t hurt, my legs aren’t swollen, and for someone as fidgety as myself, it enables me to move constantly while still being able to work. This chair molds to me, and is flexible with my movements. I’ve never sat in such a comfortable office chair until I sat in the Core-flex.”

Vanessa Spindor, Administrative Assistant, Victoria, BC

The adjustments are plentiful, and the lumbar support mechanism works very well. The split between lower extremities allows for both static and dynamic postures, which facilitates weight shifting and change in load on the spine. Truly a unique chair that I anticipate will be well received in the industry.”

Patrick Wilkens, PT, DPT, Director, Co-Owner, GWP Solutions, LLC - care™, San Diego, CA

Having the core-flex chair has enabled me to sit for longer lengths of time at my desk, correcting student assignments, reading, or working on my computer. Because I can move my spine while sitting down, this eliminates the necessity of getting up all the time to stretch, in order to alleviate back pains and stiffness.”

Yvonne Hsieh, PhD, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

I have been using your chair in my office for nearly four years now and wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with it. By allowing the extra movement I feel my core muscles get some exercise even while I am sitting at work. As I sit at a computer most of the day a good chair is a critical part of my work environment, and this chair has improved my posture and reduced my level of fatigue at the end of the day.”

Gerald Hoffman, ASTTBC, Architectural Designer, Cobble Hill, BC

Unlike other chairs, this chair keeps my core and leg muscles active throughout the day.”

Scott Eckardt, Office Administrator, Victoria, BC

As a young professional in the government I was concerned that a desk job would be detrimental for my long-term back health. I experienced back pain, leg cramps and lethargy associated with sitting for long periods of time. When I tried sitting on the Core-flex chair for the first time I became more confident that I could continue to enjoy my desk job for many years to come. What made the chair unique however was the ability to move while sitting. Unlike the exercise ball or wobble cushion, the core-flex chair also provided back support. The average kneeling chair was not recommended for me as kneeling chairs were associated with injuries to the knees and also lacked back support."

“In the Core-flex chair I was able to move my legs up and down and change position. This was such a fundamental change from the average ergonomic chair that restricts motion. I wish the Core-flex chair had been invented when I was studying during those long hours at university! I am very satisfied with the Core-flex and recommend it to all my co-workers.”

Laura Galbraith, Ottawa, Ontario

I continue to love the chair, the stability it offers, and its comfort. It is a great office chair - strong, flexible and just smart enough to remind me when to stop slouching... I would strongly recommend it to anyone.”

Frank A. V. Falzon, Q.C. Frank A V Falzon Law Corporation, Victoria, BC

And, if there is anything I can do to help you promote the chair I would be happy to do so. Using your chair has made a tremendous difference in my ability to sit for longer periods of time writing, without discomfort.”

Lara Lauzon, PhD, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

After 35 years of gazing at computer screens all day for hours at a time, I developed back pain, a frozen hip and multiple muscle issues, including intermittent psoas muscle pain in the rear end. I bought many chairs over the years and always noticed that my psoas pain returned. I could evaluate each chair by the average time it took for psoas pain to return, or the "mean time to psoas pain". Sitting in the Core-flex chair causes me no psoas pain what so ever, so I conclude that the Core-flex chair is better for me than all of the other chairs I have tried.”

Gordon Stuart, PhD. Computer Systems Technology instructor, Victoria, BC